Day 3 #SOL17

county office and zombie apocalypse…what’s the connection? Well, when I was in the classroom and not interacting with “the county” much, I might have joked about how the folks up there are nothing more than mindlesss zombies. However, now that I have had the pleasure of working as an instructional coach at the district level a few years, I know better. I know the coaches work hard to reduce variability in the classroom in order to increase student achievement.

So what does this have to do with zombies? I had the a pleasure of leading PD today using text rendering protocols that work cross curricular. In order to lighten the mood on a busy Friday, we used texts on zombies and surviving a zombie apocalypse. It was a blast! I had no idea my peers could argue so passionately about where to ride out the zombies and survive.

There is nothing eloquent about this post. Just want to say, I love my job.




2 thoughts on “Day 3 #SOL17

  1. You’ve convinced me that a connection CAN be made between anything!! So glad you enjoyed your job today. I am also sure that your teaching stuck today because of the unexpected discussion topic.


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