Day 2 #SOL17

I’m finding myself wishing I had more of a plan of what I should write. I created a padlet with some of the strategies I’ve gathered from professional resources. Tomorrow I’ll choose one of them to use to generate my post. Here’s the link with some ideas for writing narratives.

My Writing Moves padlet


3 thoughts on “Day 2 #SOL17

  1. Good use of Padlet. I tend to just blather on, but even a quick look at the ideas you posted jarred a few ideas loose for me, so thank you!


  2. I felt just as you and used 3 books to create this padlet:

    Made with Padlet

    I’m adding your padlet to may padlet so I can find your ideas easily!!
    It is fun to “meet” like-minded people!!! And I love Dory, too!
    I’ll be checking back with you. Also, I see your inspiration comes some from Kerry Gallagher. He’s still on my list to read so thanks for sharing your padlet!


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