Day 1 #SOL17


“Dress Girl”


I’m a dress girl

Black wedges and freshly shaved legs

Wrapped at the waist and tied on the side

Skimming the knees and swaying with the hips

Simple and modest and ladylike.


I’m a dress girl

Band Aids and razor nicks

Floppy belt and ID badge

Below the knee in front and above the knee in back

Lycra poly blend and matronly and middle aged.


Why I wrote about this today:

Reflect on a small moment in your life by looking at photos taken on your phone or tablet. On my phone I noticed a screenshot of a dress I’m stalking online and might buy soon. This reminded me of a conversation I had at a school about being a dress girl and how the teacher rarely sees me in pants. Liked the idea of contrasting the types of comments my spouse often makes about my appearance versus what I think. Sometimes the first stanza is how I feel leaving the house in the morning, but the second stanza is what I see in the mirror at 5pm on my way out of the office. If I conin\






2 thoughts on “Day 1 #SOL17

  1. I L.O.V.E. this! I feel like I WAS a dress girl. Then our admin made rules about our shoes and my favorite shoes were banned!! (Oh ya, I WILL be blogging about that one!) The ban disheartened me and I began wearing a lot more pants with tennis shoes. I miss my shoes AND my dresses…but I fear I was more second verse than first verse anyway. 🙂 Plus, I realized how comfortable tennis shoes were. Ha!


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